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Bristol Core SPEC 30 High Performance Universal Packing Kit
Bristol Core SPEC 30 High Performance Universal Packing Kit
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: 14281
    Price: $44.95
    Shipping Weight: 2.00

    High Performance Muffler Packing


    Bristol Core Muffler Packing, Silencer packing, re-packing kits

    Bristol Core
    High Performance Muffler Packing

    Introducing Bristol Core high performance muffler packing.  Repacking your silencer with Bristol Core muffler packing can increase performance, lower noise and extend the life of your silencer.

    Increasing Performance with Bristol Core
    Bike and exhaust manufactures tune the exhaust system and engine based upon a freshly packed silencer.  Best exhaust performance is achieved when muffler packing is new and properly installed.

    Lower Noise with Bristol Core
    When the silencer is freshly packed sound waves are better absorbed.  Worn packing can have holes or be completely blown out thereby allowing exhaust sound waves to pass through the silencer and not be absorbed by the packing material.

    Extend the life of your silencer with Bristol Core
    When the muffler packing is worn or blown out exhaust temperatures can reach extreme heights which can deform or damage silencers.  Four stroke exhaust systems can see very high temperatures at the silencer which can burn or deform silencer inserts, cans or end-caps if the muffler packing is worn, damaged or blown out.


    Bristol Core Muffle Packing

    Bristol Core - Spec 30 Muffler Packing
    Part # 14281

    Universal Fit works with most 4 Stroke applications
    Universal Pillow
    Bristol Core High Performance Muffler Packing
    click here to enlarge

    End Cap Stuffing Pillow
    Bristol Core High Performance Muffler Packing
    click here to enlarge


    • High performance

    • Easy to install

    • Pillow format

    • Increases engine performance

    • Reduces noise levels

    • Increases silencer lifespan

    • Made with long lasting materials

    • Includes:

      • 1-Universal Pillow 14"L x 18"W

      • 2- End cap stuffing pillow - 50 gram

    • Dimension: 14"W x 18"L

    • Fits Mufflers up to 18" long and 4.25" diameter

    Features And Applications

    - Pillow designed with adhesive tape flap for keeping it rolled tight during installation.
    - Pillow can be trimmed for mufflers shorter than 19"
    - Kit contains two cap stuffer pillows.
    - Easy to follow installation instructions.
    - Longest lasting muffler packing material available.
    - 100% Made In The USA
    - Applications
    - This kit can be used to re-pack any rebuildable muffler with dimensions that fall within those listed under Technical Specifications including mufflers for motocross, ATVs, UTVs, sport, touring, adventure and big cruisers.

    Bristol Core is the longest lasting muffler repack kit available! Durability was our goal when we began developing Spec 30 Packing. The traditional materials used to repack mufflers just don't hold up to the heat produced by modern four stroke engines.

    Most modern engines and especially those with EFI, produce exhaust gas temperatures that exceed the temperature limits of traditional packing. Once a fiber's temperature limit has been passed, it becomes brittle and breaks down into particles small enough to be "blown out" of the muffler. Spec 31 is different because it maintains it's strength in continuous temperatures up to 1290F and has a softening point of over 1700F.

    Whether you're maintaining the muffler on a motocross bike, an ATV or a utility vehicle, Spec 31 will last longer than the competition. There are many benefits to keeping a muffler completely packed and flowing as it was designed to. Among them are:

    - Throttle response remains crisp.
    - Power output is maximized.
    - Fuel efficiency is maximized.
    - Noise reduction and exhaust tone are maintained.
    - Vibration absorption and baffle support.

    Our new Spec 31 Universal Pillow Kit delivers our high performance Spec 31 Packing material in pillow that is easy to install. The pillow is compressed with stitches which release within a couple minutes of being exposed to exhaust heat. In compressed form, it can be cut to length easily and rolled around the mufflers core. Once the compression stitches release, the Spec 31 expands filling the muffler cavity uniformly for maximum durability.

    Don't waste your money and time repacking with a material that you'll need to replace any sooner than you have to!

    More questions about DirtWerkz products? We're here to help. info@dirtwerkz.com

    Warranty and Return information please review the DirtWerkz  "ABOUT-US" web page.

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