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Exhaust Tools

Exhaust tools whether your at your local motocross track, off-road event, shop or garage having the right tools for the right job makes your riding experience a whole lot better.  Changing or servicing exhaust can be a challenge and having specialized tools sure helps the job go much easier and faster.

Exhaust Tools

Pit Possie Exhaust Spring Puller Tool
Part #
PP192    BUY $9.95                 

Exhaust Spring Tool

Exhaust Spring Tool

The Pit Possie Exhaust Spring Puller: We've tried other spring hooks, and they just didn't cut it - either the hook was too flimsy or we couldn't get enough leverage. Our T-handle style provides plenty of leverage. And instead of welding the hook onto the rod which can become brittle and break, we CNC machined it right out of the rod stock, then bent it. You can have the best spring puller and also a great value.

  • Made of Steel

  • One piece shaft and hook for better strength

  • Overall Length 8-1/2"

  • T-Handle Length 3-1/2"

  • BUY $9.95


Exhaust Tools

Exhaust Spring Puller

  Exhaust Spring Puller Tool
Exhaust Spring Tool

Hook and shaft one piece for superior strength
Motion Pro Tools

Pit Possie Exhaust Spring Puller

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